MIM PHARMA was established in 2009 and is a scientific-based company with the goal of creating a curative drug for migraine disease. The Company is organized into two business areas, each managed as a separate operating unit and introduced its first medicine For migraine headaches in 2013. The original newly developed drug was in the form of inhalation and needed special processes to be used only at the clinics, but in 2019 the R&D team of MIM PHARMA was then encouraged to develop a new version of the herbal medicine formed as nasal spray under new brand Sinavita®.
Migraine Spray, the first nasal spray to cure migraine headaches passed all the requirements and was registered in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Iran and received its mass industrial production license.

MIM PHARMA is now working in herbal and Nature-based treatments for common annoying diseases such as Allergy, Eczema, Sinusitis, and ... and the research and development team have achieved very promising results in treating these diseases.

The laboratories and the R&D team are located at the Pardis technology park in Teheran. Most of the employees and associates are located in Teheran except for the marketing and sales teams that are located in their core markets in Europe and the Middle East. In addition, MIM PHARMA is planning to move its mass production to Oslo, Norway, and are establishing distribution centers in Denmark in order to serve its European customers efficiently.

MIM PHARMA co-operates closely with a number of universities and research institutes in the Middle East and is also connected to R&D organizations based in Teheran. For Investor Relations inquiries, please contact us

MIM Pharma AS

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