About SaliraVira®

The research and development of SaliraVira® was based on “systems biology” approach. For the research and development of SaliraVira®, a dataset consisting of 737 articles and scientific reports and 768 corona antiviral compounds, and 48 natural ingredients was collected and processed. SaliraVira® contains a combination of medicinal plants with very effective properties to improve symptoms, reduce viral load, reduce the duration of treatment, and prevent hospitalization and prevent death of Covid-19 patients. The ingredients have anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, immune-enhancing properties and improve symptoms. The available compounds make Saliravira® a potent drug with remarkable SARS-COV2 antiviral properties.

Mechanism of action

According to articles in prestigious scientific such as Lancet , and Nature journals , coronavirus proteins can bind to 322 of 19566 human proteins. There are a total of 54 inhibitory compounds in SaliraVira®. These compounds can inhibit SARS-COV2 virus proteins from structural proteins (such as spike, viral envelope, and membrane proteins), nonstructural, replication and transcription factors at the virus genome surface, as well as an important ACE2 receptor. Inhibition of coronavirus proteins by active ingredients in SaliraVira® can lead to the release of 226 human proteins. This amount of released human proteins is about 68% of the total number of human proteins involved with viral proteins. This ratio shows the desired effect of SaliraVira®. Also, the compounds in SaliraVira® have anti-inflammatory properties. Due to the inhibitory effects of SaliraVira® compounds that can release human proteins from viral proteins, the normal function of these proteins involves in various signaling pathways such as the interferon pathway and NF-κB can be adjusted.

Stages of Covid-19

Covid-19 is a “staging disease” with 5 stages as follows:

Stage 1. A person exposed to high-risk situation and be infected with viral load (VL) of less than 650 copies per ml, i.e., having negative PCR and no symptoms.

Stage 2. Patients having positive PCR test with a VL about 104 copies per ml, but without symptoms.

Stage 3. Patients have positive PCR tests with a VL about 107 copies per ml and with mild symptoms.

Stage 4. Patients have a VL of 1.34×1011 copies per ml, with severe symptoms and short breath.

Stage 5. Patients have acute respiratory syndrome with a VL more than 1.34×1011 (Park, Jay J H et al., The Lancet Glob Health. 8.10, (2020): e1249–e1250.).

Post-Covid stage. Survivors of Covid-19 suffer from various disabilities and subsidiary diseases. Recapture normal health is the main concern of the survivors (Yelin, Dana, et al., The Lancet Infectious Diseases 20.10 (2020): 1115-1117).

Treatment for the stages of Covid-19

Proper treatments and medicaments for Covid-19 are to be “staging” as follows:

Stages 1 and 2 require prophylaxis (preventive) treatment.

Stage 3 needs out-patient treatment

Stage 4 requires patients to be hospitalized in wards.

Stage 5 necessitates intensive care units (ICUs) services.

Note: Stages 4 and 5 can be prevented by the treatments of Stages 1, 2 and 3.

Dosage forms of SaliraVira®, a “staging medicine”

SaliraVira® is a “staging medicine” for Covid-19 in four dosage forms to prevent and remove the proliferation of coronavirus colonies from

  • nasal-sinuses by SaliraVira® Nasal Spray
  • throat-pharynx by SaliraVira® Oral Spray
  • lungs by inhaling SaliraVira® Drop
  • body organs by SaliraVira® Tablet

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Efficacy of a multiple-indication antiviral herbal drug SaliraVira® for COVID-19 outpatients: A pre-clinical and randomized clinical trial study