Migraine is the 3rd most prevalent illness and one of the most common neurological diseases in the world. It is estimated that around 1.04 billion people worldwide have been diagnosed with migraines. One of the symptoms of migraine is a one-sided pulsating headache with average to a severe intensity which is aggravated by physical activity. It is often accompanied by an aversion to light and sound and with nausea or vomiting, lasting from 4 to 72 hours. About 20 million migraine attack occurs every day. Three times more adult women suffer from migraine than adult men. About 10% of the children between ages 5-15 suffer from the disease. About 50% of women with migraine have more than one attack during a month. In addition to disability, migraine increases the risk of other mental and physical problems. It imposes huge financial and psychological costs on families, companies, and countries. The average health costs of a family with a migraine patient are 70% more than those of a family without such a member.
The research and development of MIM Pharma’s migraine spray medical solution started in 2013. With the emergence of promising preliminary results from the ingredients, research focused on developing a drug has been followed.
After many years of rigorous research to make a easy-to-use drug and available to all, the R&D team of MIM Pharma developed a migraine spray. In 2019, Migraine Spray passed all the requirements and clinical trials that were performed based on the International Headache Society (IHS) guidelines on 2000 patients.

Mechanism Of Action

Results from clinical trial , Migraine patients with episodic and chronic headaches have shown a significant decrease in their severity and clinical symptoms indices after using MIM Pharma’s migraine spray medical solution. The patients suffering from “medication overuse headache” (MOH) also benefitted from migraine spray, but usually throughout a longer period of time with similar or even better results of treatment. Patients with migraine accompanied by cluqer and tension headaches also had their migraines decreased by using MIM Pharma’s migraine spray medical solution. But the reduction of other types of headaches requires special treatments and counselling by neurologists. MIM Pharma’s migraine spray medical solution has proven effective in various kinds of migraines in different people for different reasons. In fact, the change in the diameter of the blood vessels in the head (the brain) for managing headaches, enhancing melatonin secretion to improve sleep quality, and biological rhythms and decreasing the free nitric acid in the blood are among the powerful action mechanisms of the medicine.


Investigation of the effectiveness of Migraine spray on the intensity, duration, and frequency of migraine headaches of migraineurs referring to IRCT20170705034915N3


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