Results of patients’ treatment

About 90 percent reduction of migraine headache by Migraine Spray and 93 percent of patients’ satisfaction of the treatments are remarkable achievements of the clinical trials in Phase II.

Figures 2 and 3 respectively display the mean and standard deviation of migraine indicators for patients.

  • Migraine is cured significantly, during the treatment period; Hencedecreasing trend of few remaining symptoms have a lower rate.
  • Differencebetweenthepatternsofreceivingmedication during the treatment period and the next periods is the second factor. During the course of treatment, patients receive medication in 20 sessions. But during the recall period, depending on the symptoms, receiving medications is once per month and up to 9 months in very few and special cases.
  • The last but not the least, influencing factor is that the patients do not return to the clinic, since the majority of them are satisfied with their treatment by Migraine Spray and declare their satisfaction. This excludes a significant portion of ofthe data related to healed patients. Thus, the indicators are biased towards worse cases (less than 10 percent of patients) in the later months (affected by the reduced sample size).