The scientific researches on COVID-19 pandemic topics are headed to an explosion of scientific literature. Despite these global efforts, the efficient treatment of patients is an in-progress challenge. Based on a meta-study of published shreds of evidence about compounds and their botanic sources in the last six decades, a novel multiple-indication herbal compound (Saliravira®) has been developed. Based on the antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and immune-enhancing properties of its ingredients, we hypothesized that Saliravira® has the potential to act as an antiviral agent, accelerate treatment, and reduce undesirable effects of COVID-19.


In this randomized, controlled, open-label clinical trial, COVID-19 outpatients were included by RT-PCR test or diagnosis of physicians according to the symptoms. Participants were randomly divided into intervention and control groups to receive Saliravira® package plus routine treatments of COVID-19 or routine treatments of COVID-19 alone, respectively. Saliravira® package includes tablets, nasal-sinuses spray, oral-pharynx spray, and inhaler drops. The treatment was for 10 days and followed up till 23 days after admission.


On the 8th day, the “mean reduction rates” of viral load of the patients in the intervention group was 50% lower compared to the control group with a p-value < 0.05. The improvement of 10 out of 14 COVID-19 symptoms in the intervention group was significantly accelerated. The mean treatment duration of patients in the intervention group was 4.9 days less than the control group. In addition, no patients in the intervention group were hospitalized compared to 28% of the control group needed to be hospitalized.

Efficacy of a multiple-indication antiviral herbal drug SaliraVira® for COVID-19 outpatients: A pre-clinical and randomized clinical trial study